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Fairness and equality

Releasing the talents of all is essential if we're to change the face of our union, challenge power at work and create that fairer, more equal society we demand

Working with you, our sectors, regions and your executive council I will: 

Introduce positive measures to ensure more of our shop stewards, organisers, staff and officers are women, from BAEM, LGBT+ and other underrepresented members in our union. 

Campaign both industrially and politically for the advancement of the social model of disability and to address the growing pay, career and a wider opportunity gap both at work and in society. 

Ensure elected equality representatives are present in every workplace, recognised by employers and have a place in our negotiating teams in their own right. 

Introduce a new ‘officer and staff apprenticeship scheme’. Proactively identifying talent from across our diverse membership to develop our next generation of officers and staff to support you. 

Expand our work to defeat the evils of racism and the growth of the far right. Extending our ‘Unity over Division’ programme to encourage our activists to stand up and challenge the narrative of racism, hate and division both at work and in our communities. 

Ensure the voices of our young and of our retired members are heard and valued throughout our union. That the voices and experiences of all are shared, confidence developed and new ideas welcomed.

Our diversity is our strength. Together we will build an inclusive union, where every member matters

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