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Every member deserves to be just one call away from their union and support - one call, that’s all

Working with you, our sectors, regions and your executive council I will: 

  • Introduce a single freephone number to a new, well trained, ‘Unite Assist’ team. Offering extended hours access for individual members and shop stewards with every call logged, acted upon and followed up. 
  • Develop a ‘Unite Assist’ app providing you with the resources and information you need 24/7 at your fingertips.  
  • Examine opportunities to offer practical support for representatives – who through their role in the union – suffer from mental health issues.  
  • Examine new organising strategies to grow through increasing membership in our workplaces, mergers, and growth in expanding sectors such as tech, care, on line sales, manufacturing and the gig economy.
  •  Bringing union organisation to homeworkers, the falsely self-employed and workers on insecure contracts – giving a voice to millions of working people 
  • Develop and resource properly our community and retired member activity to ensure there is always a home and a voice for people within our union, in or out of work; retired, unemployed, students, carers and volunteers. 
  • Enable you to receive only the information you want and find useful from your union. No more unwanted mailshots or phone calls from companies touting goods or services. 
Every member deserves to be just one call away from their union and support - one call, that's all

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