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A message of Unity from Steve Turner

Dear friend, 

Thank you - you did it! 

The nomination period has now finished, and I am humbled by the breadth and depth of support I have won from every region, sector and group of our union. 

I have received the highest number of nominations by some way and coupled with the support of so many of the unions officers and staff, am now clearly the best placed candidate to bring our union together, with common purpose and confident in our ability to shape our future as we enter the next stage of our fantastic unions journey. 

Given the fact that all four candidates are now on the ballot and the validation process is on-going, I have taken the decision to reschedule our planned rally for Thursday 10th June and take a few days at this point to discuss with other the candidates ways in which we can bring our union and specifically our left, together. 

I trust you understand the importance of this moment for both our union and wider movement. I’ll be back in touch over the next week with an update on these discussions and the next stages of our campaign. 

I am looking forward to thanking you all personally - both on-line and in person as we get out and about in our regions and workplaces in our campaign to turn your fantastic support into votes and victory in the ballot! 

 I am the only candidate that can and will unite our union. 

 Yours in solidarity 


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