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Local Gov Article: Workers and communities deserve better than poverty pay and degraded services

"The pay and treatment of local government workers in this country is a disgrace."

Mirror Article: Hope Morrisons can stay true to family roots as private equity vultures circle

08.07.2021 General News

“The Government should get behind Britain’s workers and not side with their big bank mates.”

Tribune Article: Steve Turner’s Plan for a Worker-Led Fight Against Climate Change

Steve Turner's 'Workers' Greenprint' is a bold plan to put workers at the forefront of the fight against climate change – and it shows why he's the candidate we need as the next general secretary of Unite.

Steve Turner holding up his hand to vote at Labour Party conference

Video: Steve on "What's Next? Football's New Normal"

22.04.2021 General News

Steve is the People's Assembly co-chair, and spoke on the issues in football with a panel of passionate fans and activists.

Steve comments: Labourlist

28.01.2021 General News

Steve is a regular contributor to Labourlist, read more about his fight for members during the Covid-19 crisis.

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