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Press Release: Steve Turner calls on government to sort out the mask mess - don't pit worker against passenger

Steve Turner, who is running to be the next general secretary of the giant Unite union, has today (Wednesday) hit out at the `utter shambles'the government is making about lifting Covid-19 restrictions this coming Monday (July 19).

He warns that while the prime minister and his cabinet will be kept safe in their ministerial cars, Unite's members in England will have to navigate the confusion caused by the decision to leave mask wearing in public spaces to individual choice.
Masks will remain mandatory in Scotland and Wales when they reopen while in London, Mayor Sadiq Khan, has declared that mask wearing will be made a condition on carriage on the Transport for London network.

Steve Turner said: 

"This is an utter shambles.  Someone travelling from Edinburgh to London will be required to stay masked until the border and then can be unmasked all the way to Kings Cross.  How are the travelling public and staff meant to navigate this mess without confusion and division?  The only thing that will benefit from this chaos is the virus.

"The PM should get out of his ministerial car and get on a bus to appreciate that his decision to remove the mandatory wearing of masks is so wrong-headed.
"He is pitting workers against passengers, and passengers against passengers - and he has done this without a word of consultation with the unions that have been working ceaselessly to keep people safe through this crisis.  It's totally irresponsible.

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