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There are a many ways you can support Steve. From putting up a poster in your workplace to posting an endorsement on social media - whatever you can do will make a difference. We've listed just a few ways you can help get the word out.

Here's a list of things you can do to endorse Steve and get others to support him:

  • Make a short video (45 seconds max) saying why you support Steve. Put your phone on its side to record landscape not portrait. Say why you believe Steve is the best candidate or use some of the points that other members have already given us here. If you are on Twitter or Instagram, please include your handle when sending your video in.

Start by saying who you are e.g. I’m John Smith, rep at Your Employer, and I’m backing Steve because:

  1. He's got the right industrial experience to lead Unite.
  2. He's been a rep like me and knows what support reps need.
  3. Steve's heart and soul is in Unite, he has the right values to lead our union. 
  4. He's passionate about workplace organisation and power. I’d trust him to fight for jobs and our communities
  5. I know Steve has my back. He has started as a grass-roots activist and his heart is still with the grass-roots of our union. He is the obvious choice to become Unite's next General Secretary.
  6. Steve supports the rank and file and will put resources where they are needed most – into front-line support for our reps
  7. Steve has the experience to negotiate with employers government and that's absolutely essential to be our general secretary.
  8. Steve is passionate about equalities and has led our Unity over Division campaign fighting the far-right.
  • Take a picture of yourself and look happy! You could get a piece of paper and write:  I’m backing Steve and hold this up and ask a friend to take a pic landscape, or you can download an 'I'm supporting Steve' poster to print at home and hold up here.
  • Post your video/picture onto your own facebook/twitter or other social media accounts and tag Steve - @SteveT_Unite on Twitter, and @SteveTurnerUnite on Facebook. Please include the following hashtag #VoteSteveTurner 
  • Send your videos/pics to the team, so we can share them and spread the word about Steve's support. Use the contact details below.
  • Speak to your colleagues about why you're supporting ​Steve. Watch the campaign videos which will give you some ideas on what you can say.
  • Follow Steve on Facebook and Twitter, and like and comment on his posts, then share. A simple comment is fine, keep it positive.
  • Become a workplace contact and put up posters, give out stickers and campaign materials. Contact the team using the details below.
T: 07730 894705 or 07930 595016

Support Steve

Here’s how you can help get Steve elected


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